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Buying time on the SLOOH telescopes has allowed me to get involved in astronomy from the comfort of my home. These pictures were taken by me.

Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)
A Seyfert type II galaxy, M51's spiral structure has been enhanced by a most apparent close encounter with its smaller neighbor, NGC 5195. Surprisingly, eight years separates the discoveries of these two galaxies.

Silver Coin Galaxy (NGC 253)
Positioned near the South galactic pole, this type-Sc spiral galaxy is one of the brightest and dustiest galaxies known. High energy X-rays and gamma rays have been detected near its center, suggesting massive black holes.

Orion Nebula (M42)
Visible to the unaided eye and embedded within a tremendous complex of gas, dust, and stellar nurseries, M42 is a bubble of emission and reflection nebulae encasing one of the youngest star clusters known, the Trapezium Cluster.

Black-Eye Galaxy (M64)
Two counter-rotating systems of stars and gas in its disk, coupled with that peculiar dust lane on one side of the nucleus, suggest to scientists that M64 is in the final stages of absorbing a former companion galaxy.

We can see two of Jupiter's Galilean moons, with the shadow of one of them on the surface, and its Great Red Spot.